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Sacklarian’s paintings are in the permanent collection of over 60 prestigious collections throughout the world.

In honor of the 100th Anniversary of the First Republic of Armenia, for the first time in over 20 years the estate of Stephen Sacklarian is presenting selected paintings for sale for 2018. Nine paintings are currently available to the public.

If you are interested in acquiring one of these wonderful paintings, click the "Limited Release Paintings" button below to see which are available. For more information on the artist himself, read Sacklarian’s bio.

We are the exclusive representatives and authenticators for the sale of paintings from the Sacklarian estate. Feel free to contact us with any questions--see our contact info below. For more information about the artist, see Sacklarian's bio.

Who is Making this Art Available, Zachary Braudy

Zach Braudy is an art dealer and broker of Sacklarian's work, as well as a dealer of fine glass art and bronze sculptures. Since the 1960's, his family's art gallery has provided exceptional service and value to individuals and organizations interested in purchasing fine-art. He is also the grandson of former Sacklarian representatives Ethel and Arthur Furman, who represented the the artist directly throughout his life and career. Zach shares the same passion, knowledge and expertise of Sacklarian's work, and has procured his art for governments, corporations, museums, art galleries and numerous private individualsHe is the sole agent and authenticator for Stephen Sacklarian's work in North America. 

You may contact Zach directly at zachbraudy@sacklarian.org.

Please call us at 571-320-1175 for more information. If no one picks up, leave us a message and one of us will typically respond to you within four hours.


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A unique opportunity to own a painting by legendary Armenian-American artist Stephen Sacklarian (1899 - 1983)

Smithsonian American Art Museum

U.S. Embassy, Bulgaria

Royal Fine Arts Center

Museo de Arte Moderno 

Limited Release Paintings
Limited Release Paintings

Own a Piece of Armenian-American Art History

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Yerevan, Armenia

Long Beach Museum of Art

Philadelphia Museum of Art 


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